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March 9-10, 2023


Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania

Mrs. Olta Xhaçka, was born in the city of Tirana on December 25, 1979. As of January 2021, Mrs. Xhaçka is Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

She finished with Honors in Political Science and International Relations and a MA degree in Public Administration at Clark University in Massachusetts, U.S.

Prior to her political engagement, she was an active part of civil society in the field of human rights and good governance, and worked as a lecturer in political science at New York University, Tirana.

As of 2009, she is part of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, initially as a representative of the Korça region for two legislatures in the Albanian Parliament. In June 2017, she was elected representative of Tirana in the Albanian Parliament and in the general elections of April 2021, she was voted as a deputy in the Korça Region, Kolonjë Municipality.

In March 2017 Mrs. Xhaçka was appointed Minister of Social Welfare and Youth.

In September 2017, she was appointed Minister of Defense, a position she held until January 2021. During her tenure, Xhaçka directed important projects in the defense field such as the modernization of the Armed Forces, the selection of the Kuçova air base as the first and the only NATO air base in the region or the certification of the Armed Forces Academy as the only educational institution in the field of defense in Albania.

As a human rights activist, mainly in the field of gender equality and as chairwoman of the Socialist Women’s Forum, Ms. Xhaçka has chaired the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Juvenile Affairs, Gender Equality and Domestic Violence and has been a member of the Committee on Labor, Social Affairs and Health.

Mrs. Xhaçka is a member of the Presidency of the Socialist Party. She is married to Mr. Artan Gaçi and has 2 children.