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March 12-13, 2024


Former Ambassador of Kosovo to Japan 

Leon Malazogu is a consultant advising on a range of topics such as foreign affairs, governance, training political parties, elections as well as the process of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Leon served as the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Japan with non-resident coverage of parts of Asia and the Pacific. He completed his studies at the American University in Bulgaria and the University of Notre Dame, specializing in international relations, governance and conflict resolution. Before taking this position, Leon ran Democracy for Development Institute (D4D), a think-tank dedicated to research links between democracy and development. Leon has served as a Board Member of the University of Prishtina and was a part of the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group set up by the University of Graz. He taught in several universities in Kosovo and Macedonia and was scholar in residence at the Arizona State University.

Leon served as Regional Representative for the European Centre for Minority Issues, Research Director at the Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development, adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, and ran the Kosovo Office of the Princeton-based Project on Ethnic Relations. Leon has published numerous studies on democratization and regional affairs.