Hungary Connects

March 9-10, 2023

KOVAČEVIČ, Aleksandar 

Senior Visiting Research Fellow

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Aleksandar Kovačević is an energy economist. He has authored analyses for the UNDP, IEA, and the World Bank on energy and gas as well as numerous papers and lectures. Over his 30 year career, he has provided strategic advice, due diligence, policy innovation, complex energy solutions, and emergency situation assistance to major institutional, financial, and private clients, including to the UN OCHA on coordinating the rapid reconstruction of  energy infrastructure in Serbia after the 1999 war. He served as a chairman of annual Western Balkans Energy Finance Conference, Member of Advisory Board to the Russian Power Conference from 2002-2016 and contributor to Oil and Gas Economy and Law (OGEL) network. He won the Innovation Award at the Power Gen Europe Conference in 2002. Aleksandar Kovačević combines policy work, research and hands-on consultancy. He has been an active participant in the Energy Community Treaty process from its inception in 2003 and a contributor to the South East Europe 2020 economic development strategy with the Regional Cooperation Council.