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March 12-13, 2024

Bujar LUMA

Director and Founder, Center for Balkan Cooperation – LOJA

Bujar Luma, a theater director by vocation, integrates into his work of civic activism modern techniques from the art and new media to effectively engage an intercultural dialogue between communities. Bujar is the founder of “LOJA – Center for Balkan Cooperation”, established in 1999 in response to the ethnic conflict in ex-Yugoslavia. Initiatives launched by Bujar and LOJA in ethnically charged environments proved very successful and went on to become models for replication in North Macedonia and the wider Balkan region. From 1999 Bujar closely cooperated with several international structures and institutions (mainly European and USA) in developing programs, building networks, coordinating, and implementing activities for reconciliation, peace education and conflict prevention in the Balkan region. Bujar has initiated and facilitated the establishment of many partnerships with organizations, institutions, and individuals within the Balkan region and with the EU- USA partners. After decade of working with DFJW-OFAJ, in 2014, Bujar became a member of the Joint Coordination Team, a core group of three facilitators responsible for the process of the establishment of the Regional Cooperation Youth Office (RYCO), one of the most important outcomes of the Berlin process. He has actively participated in drafting Countering Violent Extremism strategies in Education, in the frame of Initiative of White House on CVE, with a focus on The Balkans Regional InitiativeBujar through LOJA’s & KURVE Wustrow – CPS program, in North Macedonia has succeeded in institutionalizing multicultural education at universities at national level, thus safeguarding sustainability. Lately, Bujar is involved in transferring this model to other post-conflict societies in the Western Balkans, with the final aim of establishing the Western Balkan Academy on Peace Building and Civic Activism. Bujar and LOJA have become a credible and respected source of assessment for social and political developments in the Balkan region and wider and is regularly visited by distinguished decision and policymakers.

From time to time, Bujar appears in the media commenting on national and regional issues. He has been a key speaker at many conferences and has been involved in „Track II diplomacy” initiatives, especially in the Western Balkans. Besides civil society activism Bujar works as a freelancer in professional theaters.